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Dentist Pembroke Pines


Dentist Pembroke Pines

All-on-4® in Pembroke Beautiful Smiles

It is important to substitute missing tooth because it is essential for eating and talking. There can be many reasons behind tooth extractions. Every now and then a patient can lose a couple or a whole set of teeth. This change is essential for jaws to work normally. One of the reasons is dentures to make this change in the mouth so that the jaws function well. However, even denture isn’t a full treatment as those are not constant and can move while talking or eating.

All-on-4® is the place four little implants are done and place them in a toothless jaw. It is extremely a structure which joins dentures and dental supplements. These are smaller than most implants mostly those places in the denture, so the dentures can be fixed to them. This actually gives better hold to dentures fixation and reliability, with the objective that dentures don’t move from its position or shift inside the mouth.

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Beautiful Smiles are created with passion and care for all our patients.

Even a satisfied patient with pleasantly place denture can even have this. In this, we will have a spot for four implants in your jaw and settle them in your old dentures, which will give you a perfect smile.

With a guaranty of your implant is for all time fixed set up, this bone combination has another important advantage: it prevents a future bone loss in the jaw. This keeps up the youthful facial structure—and better oral health. However, maybe the greatest wonder about the all-on-four is the manner by which rapidly it can change your life. It is reasonable also for the patients. To get the detail please fixed an appointment with us today.