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Cosmetic Bonding

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Cosmetic Bonding in Pembroke Beautiful Smiles

Cosmetic tooth bonding is a restorative method in which a tooth-shaded composite resin material is applied to your teeth to improve your smile. Bonding can improve the presence of teeth that are chipped, broken, split, discolored or have spaces between them. Bonding your front teeth really requires less preparation of the tooth. Anesthesia is generally not required except if there is an old recovery or decay present. The tooth is roughened with a conditioning gel to help the bonding material cling to the tooth. The composite resin is then applied and restored with ultraviolet light. Your dentist will now give shape to it and polish the resin to its final appearance.

When do you need tooth bonding?

  • To fix decay teeth (composite resins are utilized to fill cavities)
  • To fix chipped or split teeth
  • To improve the presence of stained teeth
  • To close gaps between teeth
  • To make teeth look longer
  • To change the shape of teeth
  • As a corrective option in contrast to amalgam fillings
  • To protect a part of the tooth’s root that has been uncovered when gums are lessen

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The initial step is to plan an appointment with your dentist, so you can understand your treatment steps. Your dentist will utilize a shade manual for selecting the composite gum shade that matches the shade, of the nearby tooth or teeth. When your dentist has picked the color, the dentist will slightly carve the outside of the tooth to make it rough. Now the dentist will gently cover the tooth with conditioning gel, which enables the bonding material to follow.

When the tooth is prepared, your dentist will apply the tooth-shaded, putty-like resin. The resin is formed and smoothed until it’s the best possible shape. After that, the material is hardened with ultraviolet light or laser. After the bonding material hardens, your dentist will additionally trim and shape it and clean the material until it matches the surface of the other teeth.

The procedure normally doesn’t take more than 30 minutes to an hour to finish. In case you’re having more than one tooth done, you may need to plan additional time or extra visits.

Normally a dental cosmetic bonding treatment can cost between $250 to $600 per tooth. Expenses of dental cosmetic bonding fluctuate depending upon your particular dental conditions, a measure of teeth that need a restorative fix, extra techniques performed related, and the dentist performing out the activity.