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Dentist Pembroke Pines

Dental Implants in Pembroke Beautiful Smiles

Dental implants are a little metal rod that is exactly put in the jaw to be as an artificial tooth root. After the implants have been put, they will combine with the surrounding bone within four to a six months time, through a procedure known as osseointegration. When implanted, implants can give equal help to same crowns, bridge, or dentures.

At Pembroke Beautiful Smiles, we tie together with an advanced dental lab to offer a few kinds of implants with most advanced dental implants, including crowns, bridges, and dentures. Your custom dental implants will match the shade of surrounding teeth. And can be made of zirconia or IPS e.max ceramic, which copies the look and shine of natural polished teeth.


We will initially take a digital and panoramic x-ray of your jawbone. So as to be an acceptable situation for implants, patients must have adequate jawbone thickness to help the implants to be done. The position of your dental implants will be performed by an accomplished dentist, and we can give a temporary rebuilding to you to the affected area during your recovery. After the implant has been done with your jawbone, we will join your crown, bridge, or denture together. By cautiously arranging every movement of your treatment as a whole, to can achieve flawless results.

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Dental implants are known as the best treatment for patients with missing teeth since they give numerous advantages that just can’t be matched by any other treatment. Implants support rebuilding tooth roots, unlike to holds or dental cement, so they won’t slip out of position. Moreover, patients getting implants to strengthen rebuilding efforts, would not need any solid teeth reshaped.

A dental implant gives rebuilding efforts which sit directly against your gums, the huge number of patient trust dental implants because it gives a most similar look and feels like natural teeth. The biggest advantage of dental implants is that it improves oral health. In the case of tooth loss, the surrounding area of the jawbone will start to decay. By combine with the bone, dental implants return strength to the jaw to help avoid jaw gradually losing bones and further tooth loss.