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Exam & X-rays in Pembroke Beautiful Smiles

At Pembroke Beautiful Smiles, we use the latest technology and equipment for dental assessment and treatment. Based on your problem and the dentist’s assessment, if you need a dental X-Ray, we are well equipped to take care of it. Dental X-rays are often used to confirm the dentist’s clinical diagnosis before treatment and to make sure that the treatment is being done properly.

We use technology to support us in ensuring that you get the right treatment every time.

Types of Dental exam & x-rays:

  • Full Mouth: Otherwise called a “full set” of X-ray, a full mouth series is normally connected with a broad oral test. This series of X-ray covers the whole mouth and it helps to build up a unique or basic oral health and history. A full mouth set of X-ray is a mix of “bitewing” and “periapical,” or “PA” X-ray.
  • Bitewing X-Rays: This system includes taking out X-ray with the goal that your dentist can understand how well the crowns of your teeth to be placed. This is usually used to check for gaps between teeth (interdental).
  • Periapical X-Rays:  Examine the whole tooth, from the crown till the root and the bones that help the tooth. These X-rays are utilized to discover dental issues beneath the gum line or in the jaw, for example, affected teeth, ulcer, pimples, tumors, and bone development connected to certain illnesses.
  • Periodic X-Rays: basically use for review X-ray, these are a blend of bitewing and tropical X-ray. This X-ray is normally done on clinic visits.
  • Focused X-rays: These are normally a blend of bitewing and tropical X-ray that are centered on a particular area to help analyze a particular issue, or taken during a procedure if necessary.
  • Panoramic X-Ray: basically consider as a “pano” or “panoramic,” this kind of x-ray is commonly utilized for accurate sorts of treatment or diagnostics. A panoramic x-ray demonstrates the whole mouth including jaws, teeth, sinuses, nasal region, and temporomandibular (TMJ) joint, in one picture. Panoramic X-ray is frequently connected with diagnosing wisdom tooth issues, orthodontic issues, embed and oral medical procedure interviews, or might be suggested by the dentist if there is an issue keeping a standard bitewing or tropical x-ray.

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When the X-ray sheet is prepared — your dentist will survey them and check for difference for the abnormalities. If the dentist finds any critical issues during the X-ray. If your dentist discovers issues, for example, cavities or tooth decay, they’ll talk about your treatment and its procedure and will take steps accordingly.