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How Pregnancy Affects Your Oral Health | Milagros Rios DDS

During pregnancy, it’s crucial not to overlook your oral health. Hormonal fluctuations can trigger significant changes in your mouth, potentially leading to various complications. At Pembroke Beautiful Smiles, under the expert care of Milagros Rios DDS, we prioritize your dental well-being, especially during pregnancy. Here’s what you need to know about common oral health issues, their impact on pregnancy, and preventive measures:

Oral Health Problems During Pregnancy:

  • Research by the Academy of General Dentistry reveals that only 22 to 34 percent of pregnant women in the United States visit a dentist. Regular visits to our office during pregnancy enable us to detect potential issues early.
  • Gingivitis emerges as a primary concern during pregnancy, characterized by red, swollen, and bleeding gums due to plaque buildup. Severe cases may lead to non-cancerous pregnancy tumors and escalate into serious diseases if left untreated.

Ways to Prevent Gum Problems:

  • Brush your teeth at least twice a day, ensuring thorough cleaning all the way to the gums.
  • Regular flossing helps maintain gum health by removing plaque and debris.
  • Frequent dental cleanings reduce plaque buildup and minimize gum issues.

How Bad Oral Health Can Affect Your Baby:

  • The Academy of General Dentistry highlights a correlation between gingivitis and preterm or low-birthweight babies. Gingivitis can introduce bacteria into the bloodstream, triggering chemicals that may induce early labor.

Maintaining optimal oral health is crucial during pregnancy to mitigate potential problems. By addressing gingivitis with the guidance of your dentist, you safeguard both your well-being and that of your baby. Don’t forget to schedule your baby’s first dental visit once their first tooth emerges, setting them on the path to a lifetime of dental health.

Contact Pembroke Beautiful Smiles today to schedule your appointment and ensure a healthy pregnancy journey.

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